Election Held

At our April 19th meeting in Eau Claire an election was held and new officers were named. Here are the results:

Chairman: Todd Zschernitz

Vice Chairman: Paul Orth

Secretary: Matt Sperling

Treasurer: Patrick Wahl

The following committee chairmen have been appointed:

Certification: Ron Viste

Frequency Coordination: Mark Burg

Membership: Ron Viste

Newsletter: Todd Zschernitz

Program Coordinator: Ron Viste

Webmaster: Matt Sperling

April 2016 Website Update

Hello everyone,

We’re finally getting back in the swing of things and keeping this website updated and current. As always, the pages are under construction so please watch your step and feel free to report broken links and outdated content to the webmaster.  Please click on the menu bar above for links to various pages.

Western Wisconsin